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About the report of the international investigation committee for Syria- September 2019

Translated from Arabic:  By Younes Aali


Antonio Guterres, Secretary general of the united nations.

Michelle Bachelet, United nations high commissioner for human rights.

Paulo Sergio Pinheiro, Karen Koning Abuzayd, Hanny Megally, chief and members of the international independent investigation committee for Syrian Arab republic.

Marchi-Uhel, chief of the international independent neutral mechanism.

Coly Seck, chief of united nations council for human rights.

Filippo Grandi, chief of united nations high commission for refugees.


The report A/HRC/42/51 issued by the independent international investigation committee for Syria, and presented to the forty second session in 11 September 2019, and it clarifies that the committee has investigated a lot of violations and crimes committed in Syria generally.

The respected committee is thanked undoubtedly because it makes every effort for highlighting the harsh situation in Syria and presents important recommendations for ensuring the inquiry of perpetrators and criminals, as well as the treatment of human circumstances at least and participating in the protection of civilians, because it is its duty to specify the responsibilities clearly as well. But we noticed that it didn’t take some facts and incidents into consideration regarding presentation, investigation and specification. It overlooked and ignored some important and sensitive matters, in this respect we have provided the committee with tens of reports about the have provided the committee with tens of reports about the situation in Afrin region- north west Syria, and we have presented to all of you a memorandum about the previous report in March 2019, including many remarks, suggestions and facts, we think they are of a great importance if the committee took them into consideration and inquired enough.

Respects …

After we had read the above mentioned report carefully, we viewed that it is necessary to present our view point and criticism concerning the content of report, hoping that you give it the appropriate attention.

Public remarks:

– Turkey is an effective main state in the conflict of Syria, and it is a side in Astana agreements (regarding the areas of escalation reduction, in comparison to the roles of united states of America, Russia, democratic Syrian forces, the Syrian government and other details, the report didn’t point to Turkeys responsibilities and evaluation of its active role and its impact on the Syrian arena, because it’s army dominates the so-called areas (Euphrates shield, olive branch) after launching two military operations in 2016 and 2018, it has also /12/ military monitoring points in Idleb governorate and the north countryside of Hama.

– The committee didn’t ask or answer nits report why Turkey had failed in applying what concerns of Sotshi agreement 17 September 2018 with Russia, concerning a disarmed area and weakening the role of terrorist Al Sham liberation organization (Al Nousra front) in Idleb and north Hama and Lattakia governorates. Doesn’t the government of justice and development cover all the actions of armed Islamic and jihadist factions and justificates their existence, protecting and supporting thousands of armed men of the Turkustani Islamic party- IGOR directly?!

– The report didn’t deal with the situation of Azaz, Albab and Jarablus areas and decrease of safety and stability, those areas that the radical armed factions take them as a basis for launching their joint threats against the area of Monbuj and east Euphrates.

– During the war on Afrin Turkey didn’t commit to the resolution of armistice issued by the security council number /2401/ 24 February 2018, and didn’t abide by the contents of the security council resolution 2254 (2015), for “taking the appropriate procedures to protect civilians, and preparing the suitable circumstances for a safe and voluntary return for refugees and displaced people internally to their native areas as well as rehabilitation of the damaged areas, according to the international law”.

– The committee had better evaluate the Turkish threats in its report against Monbuj and east Euphrates which are under the control of democratic Syrian forces, and supported by the international alliance and the existence of anti-terrorism forces, so those threats were represented by military trooping, political and media campaigns in addition to hostile attitudes toward Kurds particularly, and they are continuous with a hectic method, without any respond by Turkey to the dialogue calls and peaceful ways for solving its dispute with the democratic Syrian forces, in this context, America has curbed Turkey to some extent and aborted a forthcoming military invasion, and there are a lot of fears and dangers, where the Turkish president Receb Tayeb Ardogan said at two occasions, according to Anadol Agency: “they either be buried under soil or accept disgrace”, “When we finish the secure zone east Euphrates, we plan for settling one million people at least”. This shows a clear racist enmity against Kurds as a main Syrian ethnic entity, and Turkey’s hidden intention is to restore the Syrian refugees in Turkey forcibly and housing them in the areas of north Syrian Al- Jazira, in an attempt to make a demographic change to the Kurdish existence. At a time where the international community has to support the state of relative stability that those areas have and helping them by services and humanitarian relief, then working for finding a solution to about /70/ thousand refugees, members of terrorist Islamic state families (Da,ish), and about /10/ thousand arrested.

– The Turkish threats cause undermining the general life in those areas and create unrest among  their entities, in such a situation the sleeping cells of Islamic state organization revive and refresh, those cells carried out terrorist acts there every now and then, and they worked for setting fire to fields of wheat and barley for about /43/ thousand hectare and tens of thousands of fruitful trees as well as some stores of grains and vehicles, where the damages costed about /12/ milliard Syrian pounds, according to the agriculture and economy body of the executive council in north cast Syria, the report didn’t point to those developments too.

– If the Turkish threats which are based on the address of hatred and violence turn into a military invasion accompanied by loyal armed Syrian militias, the areas of Monbuj and east Euphrates will be a new focus of tension, disorder and mess as wells spread of violence and terrorism, in addition to taking place a new humanitarian catastrophe in Syria to millions of people, the report ignored these dangers too.

– The report didn’t mention (the coalition of Syrian opposition and revolution forces) that announces formally its responsibility for what is known as (the national Syrian army) and (the temporary Syrian government) within the areas of (Euphrates shield, olive branch), and specifying its responsibilities for the current situation there.

– The security situation in Afrin region has remained aggravated and deteriorated to a large extent, for about one year and half of Turkish occupation. There were no armed rebellion operations against it during the first months, which were separately launched later on and didn’t reach  the level of “nonequivalent war” Campanian as it was described by the committee- consequently it is injustice and wrong to put “the Kurdish units” at the level of prevailing armed groups in Afrin and charging them a part of responsibility for the intensifying of security situation, where the article /51/ of United nations charter grants the right of self-defense against any armed aggressiveness and reacting it, it is the right of Syrian state and its patriotic duty to work for the liberation of occupied areas by Turkey.

– Law and (judiciary that were established in Afrin) play the role of exemplary punishment to the arrested and native in habitants, not for their fairness or preventing grievances and changeableness of criminals or arresting thieves. So complaints and lawsuits are useless, but they are punished again, therefore they abstain from giving announcements or talking about the violations and crimes that they face, in addition to that some of them are obliged to testify and witness against the fact.

– We don’t want to consider the committee evaluation for the security situation with its details in Afrin, and avoiding the evaluation of the Turkish role since Afrin occupation, as attempts for justification of Turkey and clearing it from responsibilities wittingly or knowingly, and isolating it from the criminal prospect, then neutralizing it of the violations and crimes. As long as the resistance of occupation and putting an end to it is the right of peoples by all means according to the international law, it is unjust to charge rebel sides the responsibility of security situation deterioration it is already intensified because of the policy and behaviours of occupation authorities and their mercenaries.

– The report hasn’t pointed out to Syrian civilians who fell victims to the bullets of Turkish border guards or because of hard climatic conditions, when crossing the border trip facing north Idleb governorate for the purpose of migration, because Turkey closed its crossing points with Syria since 2015, and it has allowed thousands of terrorists to cross through its airports land and sea borders from and to Syria.

– No recommendations in the report directed to the Turkish government or (the coalition of Syrian opposition and revolution forces) like the other mentioned parties regarding the areas of their control, as if the situation is all right!

Sirs …

Because Afrin (Kurdagh) north west Syria under a total besiegement and news blackout imposed by the Turkish occupation authorities and their mercenaries, it suffers from painful ever day life details of its native Kurdish majority, we want to write about it in detail, and present the following:

The respected investigation committee has reported important paragraphs about Afrin in the report, and concluded: “intensification of the armed violence and attacks on civilians, the situation has remained horrible, chaotic security situations existed, public absence of law role, repeated cases of abduction, kidnapping, torture, extortion and assassination. The violations of human rights committed by factions of the Syrian national army… Arresting, detention, torturing and extortion of individuals as well as preventing civilians returning to Afrin from dealing with their properties, paying (taxes). Abandoning a certain percentage of the Crop as (taxes) and commitment of war crimes”.

First: Crimes against humanity:

It is evident the committee has avoided the description and evaluation of committed crimes in Afrin to be “Crimes against humanity”, in its three reports that cover the period between 2018 end of the first half of 2019, including:

Premeditated murder: Killing more than /300/ civilians during the war and committing collective massacres, in addition to killing about /75/ civilians, since 18 March 2018 till now, we could document them by name, some of them died under torture.

Slavery and impoverishing: Burglary and taking possession for a large number of people and depriving them from livings in addition to employment opportunities and production, imposing taxes differently and continuously, as well as restriction of the movement and role of Kurds to do their trade, industry and agriculture activities.

Deportation of citizens: Forced displacement by hostilities during the war for more than /250/ thousand people and preventing the return of about /200/ thousands of them from the areas of immigration and within Syria, in addition to daily practiced pressure against the rest in the region, that leads to continuous compulsory migration.

Torture: As routine practice to the kidnapped and arrested people, like Muhamad Amin Hasan (Berim 25 Years) was one of the victims from Kafar Safra Village, killed in early January, and Muhamad Ibrahim 1969 from Khalilaka – Bulbul in 19/5/2019 and others.

The ethnic and cultural oppression: Depriving Kurds from learning their mother language and practicing it, preventing them from celebrating their national festival “Newroz”, attributing them as atheists and disbelievers, depriving Izidis from practicing their religious rituals and celebrating their yearly feasts, eliminating their private shrines and historical landmarks, destroying graveyards and shrines as well as changing the names of same villages and squares…ETC

Enforced disappearance: There are more than /1100/ disappeared citizens forcibly, and the witnesses of some released persons point out to disappearing most of them in prisons of Al-Raie, Mareh and Sejo-IZAZ outside the framework of law, in the hands of armed gangs, and their release is conditional on paying large ransoms.

– These crimes are being committed systematically against Kurds who are /95%/ natives- as ethnic entity which has privacy, in “Afrin villages and provinces with direct Turkish supervision. The committee should take those facts into consideration without hesitation, and describe those wide spread acts as “crimes against humanity” according to article /7/ of Rome treaty that belongs to the international criminal court, and burdening the Turkish regime and its armed militias the responsibility.

Second: The demographic change:

The committee also ignored and neglected the inquiry in operations of systematic demographic change and their irrefutable developments in Afrin, which can be depicted as ethnic cleansing against Kurds, and threaten their identity:

– The Turkish occupation authorities prevent opening of the region crossing points for Afrin immigrants, about /200/ thousand people in Syria, and about /85/ thousands of them are still live in north Aleppo- displacement areas, in especially difficult circumstance.

– Settling tens of thousands of people who were brought from other Syrian areas (families of armed men, immigrants of AlGouta, Homs and others) after controlling the region directly in March 2018. And tens of thousands fleeing migrants from the countryside of north Hama and east south Idleb countryside after the attack of Syrian government forces- Summer 2019, then housing them within homes and properties of natives, so the percentage of Kurds went down below 35%- as it was planned by highest levels in the Turkish state headed by Ardogan.

– The settled armed men abstain from evacuation of houses and stores that belong to Afrin citizens, in spite of their frequent demands and complaints, in addition to dismissing the Kurdish families from their relatives homes.

– Preventing the return of many villages citizens (Julbur, Gogle, Deir Mushmush, Zarekat, Basile, Khalta)- Leilon mountain (Qastal Jendo, Baflon, Sinka, Sheikhorze, Barava, Jabalie, Darwish…) although a lot of those people exist near them, for they are occupied by settlers or they have become military bases for the Turkish army and its militia.

– Causing general paralysis at work and production, and various daily pressures which aim at displacement of citizens.

– Taking over the properties of natives who are away from their region and apart of the remaind people properties as well, that constitute half the properties of Afrin natives, and other taking over attempts through the procedure of (real and agricultural registration) created according to the occupiers whims in order to make the displaced natives of Afrin hopeless, and fixation of the demographic change procedures.

– Destroying symbols, shrines, tombs and cemeteries as well as historic and archaeological sites, and changing names of villages, squares and schools with raising up the Turkish flag, for the purpose of changing the cultural identity of the region and preventing the contact of natives with their historic legacy.

Third: Random arrest:

In addition to kidnapping, abduction, retention and arresting, there are raid campaigns and random arrests with false malicious accusations, carried out by the military police in coordination with the armed groups with Turkish officers and soldiers under the supervision of Turkish intelligence, accompanied by direct beating of families as well as mobiles confiscating, houses inspecting, and messing some money sometimes, where some cases are repeated to some persons for five times accused of the link with the former administration, and seniors are also accused, this leads to imposing imprisonment ranging between /20 and 40/days and mulcts ranging between /100-200/ thousand Syrian pounds, so the Turkish government commits a scandalous default to the article /70/ of Geneva fourth agreement /1949/ which doesn’t allow the occupation state to arrest protected people or judging them for actions they have committed or opinions that they have expressed before the occupation”.

The report has told that: “Members of armed groups and their families have taken over properties… in Afrin they still commit war crimes represented by taking hostages and the brutal treatment, torture, looting and abduction that have repeatedly happened for some economical, political and security reasons… arresting people aims primarily at creating revenues for the armed groups”… This diagnosis is not punctual, because leaders of all the armed militias are engaged in those violations and crimes more than their members, and they take place widely intentionally, not only to people who are favorite to the former administration but also to the natives of region, the whole Kurds, and the purpose of random arrest is not only funds, but insulting and terrorizing natives and making them leave their houses and properties. As well as establishing (a security database in favour of Turkish intelligence) so that most of perpetrators are not charged or punished and released easily, therefore it is undoubtedly a systematic hostile policy led against Kurds by a direct Turkish supervision.

Fourth: Fugitives of Afrin forcibly:

It is regrettable that the committee didn’t pay attention to the suffering Afrin displaced refugees who live in Al-Shahba areas, Nubul, Tal Rifat, Deir Jama and some villages of Leilun Mountain- north Aleppo, that are under the control of Syrian army and within the Russian domination, they are about /85/ thousand people, /9/ thousands live in five camps, and their number has decreased because of moving to Aleppo and east Euphrates by means of Smuggling, for they are besieged from the four directions- a big prison- and they are prevented by the Syrian government, the opposition militias and the Turkish army, they are not covered by the united nations programs for humanitarian relief, suffering from low-level of job opportunities, electricity, drinking water, health and learning. Whereas their first desire is coming back to their home and properties. So that the Turkish forces and their loyal armed militia bomb repeatedly the villages of north Aleppo where Afrin immigrants live, and some were wounded and other killed as Ahmad Jawish /60/ years old in 18/5/2019 and Sabri Omar Hamdo /95/ years in 11/6/2019, in Tal Rifat town.

Fifth: What the committee has disregarded about Afrin in its report as well:

– After some historic sites were destroyed by bombarding during the war by the Turkish army, the armed groups have started shoveling and digging up tens of hills and archaeological sites with dredgers and heavy machinery then moving and looting their treasures, since their control over Afrin, the committee has said that it investigates reports about that, and the investigator will detect space photos of those before the occupation- and this requires an urgent response to stop them. Considering that Hague agreement for protecting the cultural properties when respect, protection and conserving such sites which some of them are listed in the world humanitarian legacy by the international UNESCO organization.

– Demolishing about /15/ houses and building of the agricultural advisor unit, schools and tank of the drinking water network with heavy machinery in Julbur village by Turkish army, although there was no any fighting, at the beginning of April 2019, that village was completely closed in front of its people and turned into a military base.

– General low – level services, and regression of the infrastructure because of bombardment or looting and intentional destruction during and after the invasion, including Telephone, electricity and drinking water networks as well as the project of water resources irrigation.

– Preventing media, delegations of civil and jurist organizations interested in human rights, and parliamentary delegations to came in the region.

The damages that have come over the environment, trees and forests, by setting fire and cutting fruitful and forest trees for wood making, included about /13000/ hectares, the area hasn’t had for tens of years. Extensive logging can be witnessed through the decrease of a ton price of wood and the widespread of gathering centers, buying and selling in the region, so that the investigator can detect those damages through the comparison of new space photos to those before the  occupation.

– Continuing looting and rubbing fruits, vegetables, grapes, sumac and imposing taxes.

– Release of racism and the culture of religious extremism, new ottoman ideas, obliging (people to go to mosque and fast) forcibly, in addition to fighting the region culture and legacy through many changes and violations, including the attack on symbols and the cultural peculiarities of Kurdish people and abolishing them, as well as opening religious schools like “Imam preacher” and centers for teaching children ideas that are contrasted with the natives culture under the name of So- called charitable organizations.

– Oppression of the Izidis sect, forbidding its beliefs, closing and destroying the only church in the region.

– Closing the leading industrial school, vocational institutes and Afrin only university, that deprived thousands of students to continue their study, about /60/ schools are out of service and cancellation of Kurdish language in curricula.

Sixth: The actual domination of Turkey and its responsibilities:

Concerning the Turkish existence and the essence of responsibility for the situation in Afrin, the committee has said in its report: “the committee didn’t get any indication that the Turkish authorities are able to control the bad behaviors of armed groups or want to do that… and the committee still receives reports pretending that the Turkish authorities dominate the executive, judicial and administrative structures and coordinate their affairs, financing them as well”… unfortunately, the committee procrastinates and refrains from showing the responsibilities of Turkish government in the region, making a serious mistake, within a year and half – the period of three reports coverage- the committee hasn’t decided the matter of Turkish existence in Afrin and its responsibilities, what crimes and violations take place in it, although the Turkish army has officially announced its control over it in 24 March 2018, and the Turkish government dominates, the military, administrative, executive and judicial situations generally, so that thousands of political, informative and judiciary reports have been issued about the situations in the region.

Therefore we like to clarify the following:

Militarily: Thousands of Turkish soldiers and officers are widespread with their light and heavy weapons in tens of towns and territories and the center of region, as well as erected military bases in strategic sites on geography of the whole region, and the Turkish flight roams in Afrin sky when necessary, in addition to intelligence spread, bases and passages for civil and military police and armed militias. In 15/11/2018 for example, Anadol agency issued photos and videos belonging to “the Syrian functions squad” of the Turkish private forces, presenting shows in a school square in Afrin, pretending that they supervise over (keeping security and stability) all the armed factions that have participated in Afrin invasion, and shared geographical control zones, carry out the orders of Turkish government that it has brought them and pays them monthly salaries with Turkish lira and supports them logistically, and these groups raise up the Turkish flag and symbols on their headquarters and military suit.

Administratively: the area belongs to the Turkish state of Hatay- Antakya, where the deputy governor has appointed officials on behalf of him, and he was visited by a delegation of the local councils chiefs in 1/12/2019 for congratulating him, as a clear indication for the direct administrative loyalty, in addition to the visits of the employees of education ministry, “Dianet” endowment, ministry of religious affairs and the Turkish interior ministry and others that belong to president Ardogan directly to Afrin, and carrying out training courses for schools teachers and some of Afrin present employees in Turkey, who are paid by the Turkish lira. Turkey has cancelled the foundations of Syrian government, as well as service and civil establishments that were constructed by the former self- administration.

– Opening a new official border gate with Afrin near Hamam village- west Jenderes, and setting up Turkish telecommunications towers, post office, and eliminating the remained Syrian towers of telecommunications, during April 2019.

– Practicing continuous sovereign activities, such as issuing identity cards in Arabic and Turkish for Afrin residents, generalizing the Turkish telecommunications, raising up the Turkish flag on all buildings of foundations, military and administrative headquarters, schools, hospitals, minarets of some mosques, squares and sites that have their own historical  and cultural symbolism, in addition to Turkistation education, culture, administration and services, whereas (the Turkish national sovereignty and childhoods day in 23 April, the anniversary of the republic parliament opening 1920) was celebrated in Afrin schools, and obliging students to raise up the Turkish flags widely and the Turkish authorities pretend that they have a close relationship with north Syria historically- ancestor of the modern Turkish state.

– Starting to build a division wall that separates the region from north Aleppo, in Kimar and Julbur villages, and there are anxieties concerning the completion of its building.

– Ardogan and his comrades vocalize repeatedly of what they call (Afrin liberation), pretending falsely (achieving safety, stability and freedom).

– In the light of the above mentioned incidents and facts it has to be determined that actual control in Afrin belongs to the Turkish government which tries to renounce of the moral political and legal responsibilities, and it is able to curb militias and changing the terrible dominant situations there to be better, but we are determined to say that Turkey applies systematic aggressive policy against Afrin and its people. In addition to those reasons and according to article /42/of Hague agreement 1907 and opposing terms of article /51/of the United nations charter the Turkish existence in Afrin is considered (occupation), the Syrian government also has refused this intervention. Whereas the military operation on Afrin in 20 December 2018 is considered aggression, that is regarded as a crime against humanity.


Afrin was relatively a safe area until the end of 2017, witnessing a remarkable cultural, social and economic progress with relative stability, in spite of the difficulties and implications of Syrian crisis in general, and developing self-administration protected by people and woman protection units YPG-YPJ with security forces, and welcomed tens of thousands of immigrants from other Syrian areas within years successively, but it has turned into an area of disorder and tension, after it has been occupied by the Turkish army that gave way to its loyal armed militias to commit different types of violations and crimes, and spreading hatred.

Afrin people know well who commits crimes and violations and the responsibility for that, they know as well that there is one controlling authority in the region, which is the authority of Turkish occupation and the responsibility is prior to the armed militias, those militias behave according to the orders of Turkish army and intelligence, or the exutive and political side that employs them, it is “the national coalition of revolution and opposition forces” and “the temporary Syrian government” that belongs to the coalition, and the two sides receive the direct support from Turkish government, financially, logistically, militarily and politically.

According to the article /1/ of the general assembly of the United nations resolution /1514/ 14 December 1960- that provides for “submitting peoples to outlander enslavement, domination and exploitation is considered negation for the main human rights, and contradicts United nations charter and hinders the world peace and cooperation”, so it is the right of Kurds and all Syrians to continue their struggle for the liberation of their occupied areas from the Turkish occupation, and finding a solution for their crisis, looking forward to the support of liberals in the world, and efforts of the honorable committee  for more accuracy and fairness in monitoring the situation and specifying responsibilities transparently, as well as presentation of the proper recommendations to the officials, hoping for the United nations and its foundations to be more interested in the affairs of Syrians, for it is a fundamental destination for aggrieved people wherever they are.

So the reverend committee is asked to call Ankara government for answering many questions about the situation in Afrin and countering it with facts, sending fact-finding mission to Afrin, seeing into informative and juristic reports, witnesses and documents that are being presented and issued by many parties, including those which are issued weekly by our informatory specialized office of Afrin affairs, obtaining punctuality in investigations and describing incidents, determination of the responsibilities and duties, presentation of recommendations as well, in addition to a general recommendation included in the committee report about the protection of the civilians, it is very important to direct particular recommendations adopted by human rights council to the Turkish government about Afrin:

– Urging Turkey to take the responsibility and its duties because it is the owner of factual authority and controls the situation militarily, administrative, executively and judicially.

– Working for putting an end to the different abuses and crimes, and controlling the behavior of its loyal armed groups.

– Pursuit of abuses and crimes perpetrators and punishing them, in the light of controlling the conditions of chaos and disorder.

– Putting an end to kidnapping, extortion, torture and random arrest, which take place systematically for political, racist, financial and security reasons, in addition to disclosing the secret jails and releasing the forcibly disappeared people illegally.

– Taking the proper procedures for the protection of civilians , and creation of easy conditions for safe and optional return to Afrin displaced people to their native region, and rehabilitation  of the damaged areas, according to the international law.

– Taking ensuring procedures for the protection of environment, forests, trees, as well as cultural properties, private and general ones, and stopping the destruction and stealing of archeologic and historic sites.

– Unconditioned admittance for arrival of independent observers and humanitarian organizations to the region, particularly prisons and centers of detention and arrest.

– The allowance for media, delegations of judicial and civil foundations, employers of the international movement of red cross and crescent to practice their activities .

– Allowing Kurds and particularly Izidis to use their mother language freely.

– Improving public services, rehabilitation of the main infrastructures and abstaining from the systematic demographic change procedures.

– Cancellation of taxes on traffic, agricultural crops, industrial production, trade and natural resources.

– Presenting a joint recommendation to the government of Russia, Turkey and Syria to open a safe humanitarian lane directly between Afrin and Shaba areas-north Aleppo countryside and Aleppo city,  for making way to the freedom of individuals when moving, being preserved and kept in the international pacts and covenants and the constitutions of most world countries.

– We also call for United nations organization and world security council, to treat with Afrin problem as a part of their agenda, practicing pressure on Turkey to abide by the humanitarian international law as an occupation state to Afrin region and taking a firm attitude, asking it to stop its threats to Munbuj area and east Euphrates as well as respecting its agreements with America about that, abstaining from the threat of deportation Syrian migrants to Syria forcibly and housing them not in their native areas compellingly or the threat to open the immigration gates toward the European union countries, because any new escalation by Turkey will cause a new humanitarian catastrophe, then working for putting an end to the Turkish occupation to several Syrian areas, and restoring them to their people and Syrian sovereignty, and this serves efforts and endeavors of finding a political solution to the Syrian crisis according to the world security council resolution /2254/ which is generally accepted.

– We call upon the independent neutral international mechanism for Syria, to work for deriving and collecting proofs, information and documents for keeping them and preparing files of operating independent, neutral and penal procedures for accused people, in courts or international judicial bodies, regional or international ones that will have role for the abuses and crimes committed in Afrin territory under the Turkish occupation authorities and their loyal armed groups, on the basis of international law.

– While we (the Kurdish democratic unity party in Syria ”Yekiti”) thank all the workers in united nations organizations, foundations for the efforts they exert in the service of man, peoples and all humanity issues in general, particularly in the framework of fighting terrorism, extremism and renunciation of violence –we express our readiness for cooperation and helping the international investigation committee for Syria the monitor and observe the incidents and detect facts and presenting every possible thing regarding cases that the committee is interested in, for we have permanent contact with victims of violations, citizens and activists in and out Afrin region, we have also documented reports .All that for attaining peace and putting an end to crises with the help of all beneficent people.


21 September 2019

Yours faithfully

The Kurdish Democratic Unity Party In Syria (Yekiti)


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